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Golden Hammer: Techniques and Tricks

Golden Hammer: Techniques and Tricks

This work is for vehicle lovers. We say this because the author is a fan of engines and everything that smells of gasoline and oil (and consumes them!).


Working in the Golden Hammer area since 1997, Roberto Crestani is also an instructor of Golden Hammer courses. Due to the work carried out in the training area, he noticed the need to record the knowledge about the technique and from that he created the Manual of Handmade Funilaria without painting.


Do you want to learn a rewarding profession and gain more independence for your financial life?


This book brings together extensive content on the Golden Hammer method. The technique consists of using special tools to repair dents without the need to paint, preserving the originality of motor vehicles.


This material is a great start to learn a new profession, it offers a practical and easy-to-understand manual, brings together examples with photos of dents and how to proceed with finishing.

Worth checking out and having this book in your library.

Having written content makes it easier to consult, it is a way to have the answer to your questions at hand whenever you need it.


Buying this book, you will have a manual that offers in an organized way everything you need to know to start a business in the area of Martelinho de Ouro. In addition, it is a way of remembering the subject for those who already work in the area and also a full plate for those curious and passionate about motor vehicles.


Want to know more? Get the book and have more content about Hammer de Ouro with this content inédito!

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